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San Diego Zoo Safari

San Diego Zoo Safari


San Diego Zoo Safari Park

One of the places that we loved was the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The kids loved wearing their tiger dresses especially when they saw tigers at the zoo. It was a big place, it felt like we were in some part of Africa while  riding the safari tour. If you wanted to do more rides like the hot air balloon or get closer to animals you would have to pay additional $$ for that, but we opted for just what the park offered already with the admission tickets. 

  • What to wear

    • comfy clothes and shoes preferably sneakers
    • sunglasses
    • hats
  • What to bring

    • water bottles
    • fan
    • handkerchief or a towel 
    • alcohol or purell
    • sunblock
    • Camera and a selfie stick
    • a light bag to carry all your items
  • What to eat
    • Bring snacks with you
    • There's a variety of booths and restaurants. The choices of food are american, chinese and mexican. Check the map for the specific areas.

This was a fun, but tiring day. It is a big place, but in order to really enjoy it like getting closer to animals, you will end up paying additonal $$ to ride all the other rides. The weather was great and sunny. We probably won't be coming here for a while and opt to going to the regular San Diego Zoo. 

*If you have any more questions and concerns please message me in one of my social medias.

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